About Us

Blitz Trade USA, your number one source for all things, is a company that is designed to make your life easier! From our humble beginning to our world-class industrial equipment and medical supplies. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of products, with a focus on dependability, customer service, and uniqueness.

In 2018 our family and friends started a small business where we buy and sell and making our own products which are basic medical equipment and industrial materials. Back in the early ’90s, our grandfathers own a small shop in downtown LA, and they are one of the best electricians and carpenters in the city. our grandparents always tell us the story of how they build houses and how they manage to fix the electric circuits using some branded and expensive products. Due to the new generation and new equipment are invented to build houses our grandparent’s business shut down in early 2000. In 2018 when our grandparents reunite with our family and friends, we decided to rebuild what they started. With hard work and inspiration, our first office was born in Diamond bar serving customers all over the USA with our generous and world-class services. In God’s grace with the trust and help of our customers and partners, we expand our business and now we have a second branch in palm spring.